Educational Technology & Installations

Nashville's Media Services believes in providing educators with the latest technology to make learning more fun and interactive. We are a leading force in supplying instructional technology for the Nashville, Tennessee, area. We provide design and installation of intelligent classrooms for all grade levels. We only use name brands, such as ELMO document cameras and projectors.

Cutting-Edge Classroom Technology

Video Camera — Educational Technology in Nashville, TN
Learning Series:

This software consists of question banks that are in ExamView format. All questions are sorted by grade, class and level. All questions are viewable in ExamView and are aligned with state curriculum standards.
Professor Using Projector in Big Screen — Educational Technology in Nashville, TN
Classroom Response Systems:

A classroom response system changes the way students and their teacher interact. The system is designed for students to answer questions on their handheld device. This technology lets the teacher gauge the student's retention of information and identify the students who need help.
Man Using Interactive Whiteboard — Educational Technology in Nashville, TN
Interactive Whiteboards:

We carry interactive whiteboards by DualBoard. Mobi is the mobile version of the interactive whiteboard. Interactive whiteboards engage all students.